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This is the last time that your family will ever be just as it is now, but don’t be sad, get proof!This maternity shoot can double as your family photos for a bit as well – yay for double duty!Most importantly pregnancy pictures of just the mama-to-be are a great way to keep the memory of that special time alive and passed down to family.SOURCES: Chard Photographer, Kate Benson Photography, Kate Elizabeth Photography, The De Jaureguis Ok, first the maternity shoot focused on the mama, but that doesn’t mean we’re forgetting the daddy!

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No matter that the baby isn’t growing in your belly, above all you LOVE them!

Therefore your process should be documented as well.

We just ADORE all of the fun adoption photo shoots that have been popping up on pinterest.

What a great alternative to the traditional maternity photo sessions!

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Carrying and expecting a baby is a miracle that needs to be recorded.