Dating someone with borderline personality disorder

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Dating someone with borderline personality disorder

You are not guilty of their behavior, neither are they.It’s just the matter of genetics and childhood traumas. But it doesn’t mean you will be in his or her favor.Victims of assault would never want to stay alone as this state cripples them. They either think everything is too bomb or too bad and you should break up. Most BPD patients live a quite fulfilling life and strive for an all-time partner who will rescue them from the fear of loneliness and emptiness. Borderline personality disorder in men and borderline personality disorder in women are actually the same thing.It doesn’t mean that your boyfriend would be a cruel beast and your girlfriend is an insensitive bitch.This will break your psyche, so it’s strongly recommended not to try that approach. Dating a woman with borderline personality disorder (or a man) means they will try to come at you with false accusations of you not loving them. Dating a girl with borderline personality disorder (as well as dating a man with borderline personality disorder) means you have to spend a lot of time together. Instead, hearing them out and recognizing their feelings is the best way to calm a borderliner down.

You can get accustomed, following their whims or manipulations, or set them free by slowly teaching them how to have borders.Be patient and know that whatever happens has nothing to do with you.Don’t blame it on your cold-heartedness, you better understand and hear out your partner, so that both of you can relieve from pain and grudges and walk towards a brighter future together!They often come off as a mysterious and sexy lover.But that is only until you get to know their true side.

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They all are people who didn’t choose to have a little more problems with self-perception. Make them feel wanted and desired, care and ask about every detail.