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Here are some of the stereotypes of It sounds strange right?rather than people appreciating someone who is nice, they sometimes take advantage of them. The psychology behind this is that women appreciate a man who has boundaries and is not a push-over.Being called too nice is something most guys don’t want to hear these days.Remember, it is not about becoming disrespectful, it is simply about not giving your power away so easily to people — especially if they have done nothing to earn it.As if they are being to nice in order to get something in return from the woman.Furthermore, many guys feel like being too nice a relationship can keep the woman happy and never want to leave them.In the extreme cases it can even come across as a mild borderline personality disorder.And this is where they make a mistake: A woman will respect you more if you have boundaries and values.

It is also healthy to stop trying to always please your partner in a relationship. Trying to please everyone and be too nice can make it seem that it is all about other people, and never about you. You want people to know that it is sometimes also about you. Learn how to say no women, especially in a relationship.

One of the key traits of being too nice is not disagreeing in order to make the other person feel comfortable.

Nice people sometimes believe that agreeing with people can make them like them more.

or in your interactions with people is highly misunderstood.

This is why I had to write about it and bring some awareness to it so that more people can understand exactly what it is, and what it is NOT.

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She will respect you more if she had to earn your “niceness” and affection.

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