Dating someone in an open relationship

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Dating someone in an open relationship

The best way is to be with an outsider when your partner is not in the town.A successful open relationship is based on mutual understanding and trust.

Note: Any outsider that you are hooking up with at the moment, has the right to know this deal of an open relationship.

For example, if you are a bisexual, make sure that your partner knows it and has granted you permission to be with both genders.

Or set a time frame for meeting with others be it weekly, monthly or in a fortnight. This is not one of those conventional open relationship rules, but still this is something you must do.

They don’t take their time in understanding the pros and cons of it. Would you really be brave enough to share your love or let your partner sleep with someone else? Once you are there, you have to accept things as they come. In an open relationship, you have to be more respectful especially towards a partner who has given you freedom of living your life your own way.

He/she trusts you and lets you get involved with others.

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