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Use this question type if you expect the response to be a correctly formatted number. digits allowed and Nb of decimal digits parameters you can specify the length and number of decimal places required. digits allowed to set a limit to the number of characters entered for a Numeric question.Note that the decimal point also counts as one character!The question name generated will be based on the question number in the actual Quiz (excluding Section Text pseudo-questions, of course) e.g. This type of "short-name" naming scheme is advisable for exporting your data to a statistics software.Of course, it's up to you to have your own system for remembering which abbreviated question name corresponds to which question in your questionnaire!Only those (radio buttons, dropdown list or yes/no) questions with a name will appear in the Parent question dropdown list when adding a new question, as shown on the following screenshots. If you select Yes, response to this question will be required, i.e.the respondent will not be able to submit the questionnaire until this question has been answered.In the Question Name box, enter meaningful, short and different question names for all of the questions within one questionnaire.In the CSV export file, all those question names will be prefixed with the question's actual number (= position) in the quiz.

For example 4/21/2007 (US); 21/4/2007 (UK); 21-4-2007 (France); etc. If an "impossible" or wrongly formatted date is entered, it will either be re-written or reformatted correctly (if possible) or an error message will be displayed to the respondent.

You can optionally enter a Question Name for each question.

If your questionnaire does not use the "Conditional Branching" or the "Personality Test" feature, the Question Name is only used when you export responses to CSV/Excel format.

If you leave both x and y to their default 0 value (or if you set it to 0), then moodle's HTML editor will be displayed with standard height and width (if available in the course/user context & user profile).

This is not a question but a (short) text which will be displayed to introduce a series of questions.

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Use this to insert page breaks in longish questionnaires.

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  1. As the signup progresses, you are then asked to pick a username (because of the sheer volume of users, expect to use random characters – I went with fcgx).

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