Dating for hiv positive

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Dating for hiv positive

Get your head around living with HIV, and then step out into the world of dating.I’m so open about living with HIV that anyone who meets me usually knows already.Instead, you were made to wait until you needed treatment.Clinical practice has since changed and it’s now recommended for people diagnosed with HIV to start treatment swiftly after diagnosis.I’m not looking, and besides – life is so busy and full right now. It makes dating before my diagnosis feel a very long time ago.Looking back reminds me how simple life was then – so carefree, no babysitter needed, no long chats about sexual health.We only learned of his status through the coroner’s report from the post-mortem. In the first few years after being diagnosed, I wasn’t on treatment and I chose to only date other people living with HIV.It wasn’t standard practice to start treatment straight away then.

I would love to have a significant other in my life, but we’ve not found each other yet.I started antiretroviral medication to treat HIV about six years ago and quickly became ‘undetectable’.This means the levels of HIV in my blood were so low I wouldn’t be able to transmit HIV to a sexual partner.Your HIV status is actually a tiny part of everything that makes you the amazing person that you are.I try and get people I talk with to think about their sexual health and take responsibility for it.

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I think the survey results from the Terrence Higgins Trust’s Can’t Pass it On campaign that suggest 30 per cent of people would ‘swipe left’ on someone with HIV probably underrepresents what they would actually do in that situation.

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