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Dating campagnolo hubs

It is also the last year some components are still the original C Record design including the crankset, front derailleur, front hub and seat post.

Grouppo number 0002 was presented to His Holiness Pope John Paul II in a private ceremony on June 15th, 1983. If you’re wondering why this would be on Campagnolo pages, you were probably wearing diapers when these bikes were new.

In this same time period, Campagnolo has begun stamping-out it’s own Cassettes, and re-boxing chains made in Germany (Rohloff) as their own. Record is dated February 1987, and is otherwise IDENTICAL to the 1987 Catalog below. Also, the Campagnolo name on the arm is filled with blue.

Only the Cobalto Calipers are offered at this time and are pictured in the Record flyer. Content of the white catalogs compared to 1986 catalogs seems to indicate these simply may not have been final revisions.

On November 4th, 1924 during the Gran Premio della Vittoria race across the Croce d'Aune Pass he could not loosen the wingnuts of his wheel to flip it over to a different sprocket due to his frozen hands.

This was his incentive to invent a better device to fasten the wheel to the frame.

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Campagnolo’s early index shifting systems are reputed to work best with Regina Syncro freewheels and asymmetrical chains. Croce D’Aune & Chorus contents identical to previous year. The only known parts information available for late 1980’s equipment, these catalogs were individually serial numbered and distributed only to authorized dealers in a hardcover binder. Upgrades in both Nuovo groups from 1986 consist only of leather toe straps, black brake pads & a polished BB axle.