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Their online activity suggests that they really are all from the Ukraine.

We’ve found no evidence to suggest that they aren’t.

We did recently let you know that we are starting to accept non-Chinese women as we are starting to get Chinese men registering too. The 'great state' celebrating its independence and freedom, and giving thanks to retired military that have fought for their government....sorry.....'country', in order to gain the 'freedom' that they enjoy today.

We pretty well have to accept that Western or non-Chinese Asian women and Chinese men are starting to open up and are interested in each other more than before. "Wow, I haven't heard from you in a while", was my first reply to a Wechat message that popped up from my old boss.

If you are a male member of China Love Match you have likely noticed that suddenly we have a rash of beautiful Ukrainian women who are joining the website.She's a Chinese lady with excellent English, but she was fired from our school for getting herself involved in a rather stupid scam that had been organised by rich parents with no brains, but that's another story.Apparently she now owns and operates a Training School. Everyone on CLM and ALM knows Imi5922 as Imi the Blogger.Through his blogs we have also come to know Zelmaniss, his Bride, as Janessa.Finally, after much effort and expense and being married for some time, Imi and Janessa have received Canada's permission for Janessa to join her husband Imi to live in Canada.

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