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Conn connstellation trumpet dating

I also gathered information for this page from Music website that cites Albert Mensinga as the source for MANY of the serial numbers.If you happen to have any additional information that would make this chart MORE accurate, please feel free to email me.Brand (Conn), model (38B Connstellation), MPN (Serial # L78385), Key (Bb), Skill Level (Professional), Country/Region of Manufacture (United States) Highly polished nickel finish, with brass trim, protected by longer lasting, acid resistant lustre Conn finish. Trigger mechanism on first valve gives great flexibility in both high and low ranges.Offered with accessories cup mute, straight mute, harmon mute, Conn valve oil, lyre attachment, plastic valve guard and cleaning kit. Many artists use both the cornet for small combo use and the trumpet for larger groups and solo work.

Another minor difference is the fact that on the older model the second slide is at a right angle to the instrument, while on this newer version it angles back towards the player.These are most likely mid to late 1960s instruments.3) Most (if not all) Buescher trumpets that have the "ELK" logo have a separate serial number listing.Most were made post World War II possibly up to 1960.If you see one of these horns and the owner is claiming they are from the 1920s or 1930s or before, then they are using the wrong serial number chart.

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We stripped the very shoddy original lacquer off the horn, professional cleaned it, resoldered a loose brace (you can see that in the pictures), and it's good to go. Check out a clip of me playing an 80A (not this one for sale) below: No case or mouthpiece included otice the micro-tuning mechanism or "opera glass" just forward of the first valve.