Config files in etcportage need updating

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Config files in etcportage need updating

The Gentoo main tree provides you with high quality ebuilds that are all maintained by Gentoo developers.

This will not be the case for most of the overlays you can get by using .

Since I consider that dangerous I prefer having a very small external file that only contains the setting for . The contents will get merged to a single list of overlays.

You can prevent this automatic fetching using the Specifies the location of additional overlay lists.

You can use this flag several times and the specified URLs will get temporarily appended to the list of URLs you specified in your config file.

This allows to add a personal collection of overlays that are not present in the global list.

now accepts multiple repository config file options.

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To eliminate most of the question in IRC (#pentoo) and to start a good documentation process, here are the steps to bring your system up to date.

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