Cofounder dating

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Cofounder dating

A year later, as the company found its business model, I left the company.

Online founder dating sites have been around for a while, but they are ineffective. It only removes one transaction cost — search.e Harmony is wildly successful. They removed the search transaction cost, but also the evaluation transaction cost. Check out these outcome stats for e Harmony: It’s not only efficient, it’s more effective than traditional ‘organic’ dating. We have a team in house that reaches out to 3,000 potential founders every six months.

“Ok Cupid” is the 38th most-mentioned word in New York Times wedding announcements this year .

You can’t get more mainstream and efficient than that…And early data shows that marriages from couples who met online are more likely to survive the first year.

I took the role of full-stack developer, lead Dev Ops guy, and CTO and wrote the foundation of the software.

I had a small salary and a solid equity position as a member of the three-person founding team along with a CEO and a lead product designer.

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Alice Bentinck is Co-Founder of Entrepreneur First (EF.) EF runs full-time programmes that fund the most talented scientists, engineers, developers and industry experts to find a co-founder, then helps those teams grow their businesses and raise funding.