Children coping with divorced parents dating

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Children coping with divorced parents dating

If you only have photos with your kids in them, use a simple graphics program to block their faces out or better yet, go get new photos taken. Do not give out personal information about your ex, children’s school or activities or your address or phone number.

Letting daters know up front that you are a parent is the best policy.Kids can build up fantasies of having their friend become their step brother or sister and this can cause them real emotional hurt if the adults’ relationship falls apart. Think of how awkward it would be if your relationship with the other parent fails and your kids are still you want to jeopardize your child’s friendships for the sake of dating the other parent?You are not looking for a prospective date for your kids so there is no reason to put their photos on the Internet.You also have to be aware that all kinds of people have access to those photos and you cannot control access to those photos or prevent them being copied or altered in any way.

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Again this may seem like common sense but the invite may be disguised as a play-date for your kids and theirs.