Carbon dating of the dead sea scrolls 5th year dating anniversary ideas

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But while the age of the skeletons links them to when the Dead Sea Scrolls were created, even more compelling are other identifying features of these long-buried bones.Of the 33 skeletons found, at least 30 were identified as being probably or definitely men, based on factors such as pelvic shape and body size – and the other bones may have belonged to men too, although not enough skeletal evidence remains to be sure.But it's a big clue that might help us get closer one day to understanding just who had a hand in writing the Dead Sea Scrolls, which are often cited as being one of the most important archaeological finds of the 20th century.The findings were presented at the annual meeting of the American Schools of Oriental Research in Boston, Massachusetts, last week.Now, an analysis of more than 30 newly discovered graves could give us our best clue yet on how these relics were ushered into modern history.The manuscripts – which inscribe some of the oldest known foundations of the Old Testament – were first discovered by shepherds in caves in Qumran, an archaeological region in the West Bank along the northwestern shore of the Dead Sea.Most of you will probably not need to read any further, as this brief explanation of the benefits of radiometric dating, with respect to Christian truth, should be compelling.But if you still want to push back, you might want to read on….

Nevertheless, this approach can be confusing, if not wrongheaded, for the simple reason that Carbon-14 dating actually presents strong evidence Carbon-14 dating is but one of several radiometric dating methods, whereby scientists can determine the ages of things, by examining how quickly certain substances have decayed over time in a sample.First, it serves as evidence for the antiquity and integrity of the Old Testament.Prior to the Dead Sea Scroll discovery, the oldest substantial Hebrew manuscripts of the Old Testament only went back to about the year 920 C. The Dead Sea Scrolls pushed back that “oldest” date a full 1,000 years, before the birth of Jesus!Substances, like Carbon-14, will slowly break down, at a rate determined by the radioisotope’s half-life.Radiometric dating methods, like with Carbon-14, get a bad rap among some Christians, in that the science of radiometric dating is used to suggest that the earth is really, really old…

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