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Bahrain have won on five occasions while one match had ended in a draw.Bahrain is a state of only 700 sq km in the Arabian Gulf.The other taxa are much less abundant, with fuscus wintering in low numbers (total during our trip: less than 10).Regarding identification, both fuscus and heuglini stand more or less on their own.Fuscus as the smallest and darkest species, with almost black upper-parts in 3cy to adult plumage.Heuglini in adult plumage is not as jet-black as fuscus, but still up to three shades darker on our 16 step grey-scale than the widespread barabensis. By early March, 2cy can readily be identified on jizz and on the second-generation scapulars & often also wing-coverts, which are normally plain blackish grey with a black shaft-streak."The Japan guy, when he saw he was almost overtaken, he decided to push," said Kilonzo.

Both athletes had complaints rejected by race officials after they made contact during a thrilling sprint finish, which Inoue won by a fraction of a second.

The Japanese team later reported Elabbassi for attempting to overtake on the inside when there was no gap.

Referee Vadim Nigmatov rejected both teams' complaints to leave Inoue with the gold medal. Elabbassi's coach Gregory Kilonzo said his athlete had been deliberately pushed by the Japanese athlete and "almost went down".

By the end of February and early March 2001, over 4.000 large white-headed gulls were present at the dump, together with 1.000s of Black-headed Gulls, L. At Ashkar landfill, quarries are created by companies exploiting this site to mine for materials used in reclamation areas.

During the last decade, birdwatchers from Bahrain, Britain, Scandinavia, France and the United States all contributed to more knowledge of wintering gulls in Bahrain.

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Those birds arriving first are barabensis, and during the wintering months over 85% of the large white-headed gulls belong to this species.