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I was with Kellan Lutz, and I never trusted that he actually loved me.And he loved me so much." "We thankfully became friends after when I finally figured all of this out," Anna Lynne added.He was born to parents, Bradley Lutz and Karla Lutz.

SEE OTHER LOVED UP AND LOVED OUT CELEBS We're a little jealous, but we certainly can't knock the fact that the pair bonded over charity work they were carrying out in Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans - especially when so many of their peers are busy falling out of nightclubs.

In 2010, he featured as one of the models in the Calvin Klein underwear campaign.

Kellan Lutz made his debut in 2004 with a role in Earlier, Lutz revealed they wanted a destination wedding.

Talking to Parade magazine, Anna Lynne revealed: "You know one of those moments when you're sitting across the room and looking at the person you're with? "It's hugely important to me that I'm with someone who shares my empathies and my heart, and I'm so blessed to have that.

In this case, we were working across the room from each other and I was lining the baseboards with caulk and he was screwing something in the ceiling and I just kind of sat there on the floor and looked up at the man that I'm with and I was just like, 'This is all that I want.' "I don't care if he ever does a movie the rest of his life. Just to have his support first of all was huge, but to have him actually come down with me and get right in there was amazing." Aw, how sweet.

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And he really, really – I don’t know if anyone has loved me that much.” Anna Lynne, who has been in a long-term, on-and-off relationship with Dominic Purcell for the last few years, also opened up about the romantic things Kellan would do for her. He did all this stuff, and I kept thinking, ‘What do you want from me? And when you’re a healed person, you heal other people.