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Apple stock option backdating scandal

"This is venial." Apple disclosed that it had uncovered problems with its options grants in late June and said it would "proactively and transparently" disclose its findings to the SEC.At that time, Apple said one of the problematic grants was made to Jobs but was canceled without any financial gain to the CEO and co-founder.More than 100 companies are undergoing internal investigations or having their records reviewed by the Securities and Exchange Commission or the Justice Department to determine whether they manipulated stock-option grant dates to fatten their executives' potential payouts.

The investigation found that the company had handed out dubious stock-option grants 15 times between 19, covering all the major grants the company awarded during that time.While this will bolster some investor confidence, it's ultimately the law enforcement's and the SEC's judgment that matters the most.It's too early to feel completely relieved." And Apple did not disclose Anderson's role in the backdating, if any, but said that Anderson, who was the company's chief financial officer from 1996 to 2004 and oversaw the company during some of its most tumultuous years, had said it was in the company's "best interests" that he resign from the board.has managed to get its mitts on the Apple CEO's deposition with the US Securities and Exchange Commission conducted in the wake of Apple's backdating scandal.Jobs has always maintained he was unaware of the accounting fraud involved with improper backdating of his options, and no government legal action was taken against the CEO and Apple.

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