Accommodating employees

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University of Winnipeg apporte un financement en tant que membre adhérent de The Conversation CA-FR.Voir les partenaires de The Conversation France Companies seek a competitive edge by hiring talented people, yet many capable workers are overlooked because they have autism.Some autistic people are non-verbal and use assistive technologies, making it important to remember that being non-verbal does not mean being incapable.Another common symptom is repetitive thoughts or behaviours, including “stimming.” Stimming may include hand flapping, rocking, etc.They do experience emotions, but tend to express them in ways that are not readily recognized.Socially, they may dominate conversations while focusing on narrow interests, have difficulty understanding variations in tone and reading body language and facial expressions, and they may take things inappropriately literally.Others are creative, able to visualize solutions to complex problems and develop unique insights.

Fortunately, recent research has provided us with many strategies to make workplaces more inclusive.The unspoken social etiquette that everyone is expected to instinctively know may be a mystery, negatively impacting job performance when expectations are not clearly communicated.Change can also be anxiety-inducing and lead to challenging behaviours if it happens unexpectedly.People who stim report that they find it embarrassing but critical in order to calm themselves.As such, the lack of social acceptability of stimming can be a greater workplace problem than the activity itself.

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Attention to detail, combined with heightened pattern recognition skills, are also common traits, leading many autistic people to become technical experts in their fields.

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