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2016 statistics on dating violence

This has been followed by a period of small, non-statistically significant, changes from year to year, but the cumulative effect of these changes in recent years has resulted in a significantly lower prevalence for the year ending March 2016 (6.1%) compared with the year ending March 2012 (7.0%), indicating a longer-term underlying downward trend.Women were more likely to have experienced all types of intimate violence than men in the last 12 months except family abuse (non-sexual), where the difference was non-significant.There were a total of 1,031,120 domestic abuse-related incidents and crimes recorded by the police in England and Wales in the year ending March 2016.Of these, 421,185 (41%) were recorded as crimes while the remaining 609,935 (59%) were incidents not subsequently recorded as a crime and remained as incidents.gorgeous korean women popular free online dating sites gorgeous korean women korean photographer!

Women also experienced significantly more intimate violence since the age of 16 than men, for all main types and sub-categories of intimate violence including family abuse (non-sexual).

Back to table of contents This chapter includes findings from the year ending March 2016 self-completion module of the Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW) on the extent of, and trends in, intimate violence among men and women aged 16 to 59 resident in households in England and Wales.

Intimate violence is a collective term used here to refer to a number of different forms of physical and non-physical abuse consisting of partner abuse, family abuse, sexual assault and stalking.

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