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2016 100  german datings

She then said well thats with these other girls who dont have a passport, i have british pssport!! Turns out it’s very important in this line of work. I as thinking she is getting ready and maybe the previous punter overan bit…. Pissed off I asked if I can come now and she said no.’ (SIC) How could she not want to have sex with someone who is pissed off and called her 10 times in a 40 minute period?

‘Now…between and I must have called about 10 times…phone was just ringing.

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Not a scathing comment because it was less embarrassing than asking for your money back. Hair on the sheet, shower was dirty, I was just not feeling it. I said ask me after as I want to enjoy the massage and she said no. Ruined it massively.’ (SIC) Pesky sex-worker, actually wanting to get paid? As for not answering her phone while she might have been in an appointment…see number four. I should have clarified everything in advance but i was expecting all these services as a given.’ (SIC) Damn her! To be fair, I was the same when I once asked for a Happy Meal, and the novelty toy wasn’t a wrap of amphetamines. ‘Walked in, asked for an hour massage for 50, they showed me to a room, it was disgusting. As if i will be f*cking her passport.’ (SIC) One side effect of Brexit no-one saw coming. ‘She started the massage and within 30 secs asked if I wanted extra.. ‘Parking is paid and there is free parking at some places around the weekend. I mean, it’s not as if he made himself seem like a total creep or anything. No kissing, No licking, No Oral with out and Sex only once in an hour session….What if any war happens, limiting the advancement of technology and possibly even pushing us backward toward steam?Olive shut the door in fletchers face, which fletcher didnt like..

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Or is it because, and you can say no, but is it because you use phrases like ‘why do I even bother to fuck these whores? Ok, not a direct quote, but still a bit of an own goal.

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